Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is administered/supervised by our licensed clinical psychologists. Psychological testing can be useful in clarifying, ruling out and assigning specific diagnoses. Identifying a proper diagnosis is instrumental in coordinating the treatment of each patient. Psychological testing can also be administered for academic accommodations and learning disabilities. Each psychologist manages their own testing case load and determines their testing availability. We begin the testing process with a testing intake appointment. During this appointment, the psychologist will obtain necessary information to determine which type of psychological test would be appropriate for the individual client and their goals. Following the first appointment, the client will be scheduled for the actual testing administration appointments. Upon completion of testing administration, the psychologist will score/assess and write the confidential psychological evaluation. This report is presented to the client and/or their family during a final therapy session that will include recommendations and feedback from the testing results. If you have questions about psychological testing, please click here. To schedule a testing intake appointment, please click here.