Psychiatric Evaluations

The first visit with one of our prescribing providers (MD/DO/NP) will consist of what is formally known as a psychiatric evaluation. During this evaluation, the provider will obtain the patient’s past and present medical/social/mental/Family history. The provider will use this information to make a thorough preliminary diagnosis to help the patient find a medication regimen that will help them reach the treatment goals. Every patient will be given time to express their current situation and concerns, as well as, ask any questions pertaining to medications and overall treatment. For our adult/geriatric new patients, these evaluations last approximately thirty (30) minutes. Adults are welcome to bring a partner, friend or relative to this meeting. For our children/adolescent new patients, these evaluations usually last approximately forty-five (45) minutes. A parent or guardian should accompany any child under the age of fourteen (14) to this first appointment. For patients between 14-20 years of age, we highly recommend allowing a parent or guardian to attend the first appointment as well to help promote transparency and support within families. To request an appointment for a psychiatric evaluation, click here.